» Message from the outgoing Secretary of the MAB Programme
31.08.2017 - Natural Sciences Sector

Message from the outgoing Secretary of the MAB Programme


Message from the outgoing Secretary of the MAB Programme and the Director of the Division for Earth and Ecological Sciences, Mr. Han, Qunli.

Distinguished President and Members of the International Co-ordinating Council of the MAB Programme (MAB-ICC) and its Bureau,
Distinguished MAB National Committees and National Focal Points for MAB,
Distinguished managers and partners of the World Network of Biosphere Reserves,

I am writing to you to inform you that, today is my last day on duty as the Secretary of the MAB Programme of UNESCO. I will be retired from tomorrow and return to my home town Beijing on 7 September 2017.

Taking the opportunity, allow me to express my most sincere thanks to you, for the confidence and trust you have extended to me and to the MAB Secretariat team over last four years. It is by your strong and collective support and cooperation, we have made good progress for the MAB Programme and for the World Network of Biosphere Reserves (WNBR). Now the MAB Strategy 2015-2025 and Lima Action Plan 2016-2025 are both in place, and our WBRN is under the new contexts of Agenda 2030 to explore new and innovative solutions for sustainable development.

Serving MAB and its WNBR, the UNESCO network of ecosystems over seven million square kilometres of land and water and more than 200 million local and indigenous populations, is an overwhelming honour. I am confident that MAB and its WNBR will become more recognized and will evolve as a true global facility for sustainable development. I am sure very soon that UNESCO will soon appoint a strong professional as the Secretary of the MAB Programme.

While I am leaving the office of MAB Secretariat for retirement, I will not be retired from this noble mission. I will continue, as many of my predecessors did, serving MAB and WNBR, but from China as a volunteer.

I wish you all the success, in your MAB national programmes, in your Biosphere Reserves and in your new effort in the implementation of MAB Strategy and Lima Action Plan.

Your most sincerely,


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