20.04.2016 - ODG

Mother tongue literacy plants seeds of change

© Hari ThapaTilaurakot Community Learning Centre.

Literacy in mother tongue at the Tilaurakot Community Learning Centre is breaking isolation and creating new prospects for marginalized populations, in this historic area where a vast archaeological complex tracing back to Lord Buddha’s early life as a Prince has been recently unearthed.

Visiting the Tilaurakot Community Learning Centre, established in 2005 in the Kapilvatsu district, the Director-General praised the women for following literacy courses, while also sending a message to boys and men on the impact of literacy and the importance of respecting girls and women.

Noting that the CLC is located in an area with a rich spiritual and cultural heritage, she pledged UNESCO’s commitment to connect this with income-generating opportunities, from selling local handicrafts to becoming tour guides.

She encouraged women to purse learning and young girls to stay in school, because education holds the key to better futures.

With support from the CapEFA programme, over 200 learners have benefited from the Centre’s mother-tongue literacy course in Awadhi language. Two literacy books entitled “Mathani” were produced for teaching and learning in the Awadhi language. The Centre also offers HIV-related training for educators.

This programme is enhancing the learning opportunities for women and men in the area and promoting equity in a region where significant gender disparities persist. 

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