» Navigator Stève Ravussin deploys Argo float in the Atlantic
28.06.2012 - Natural Sciences Sector

Navigator Stève Ravussin deploys Argo float in the Atlantic

© Yvan Zedda / Sea & Co / MOD S.A Race for Water, the trimaran flagship vessel of the Multi One Attitude Foundation

While delivering the MOD70 boat Race for Water to New York, skipper Stève Ravussin seized this opportunity to take concrete action in favour of ocean preservation: he released a subsurface profiling float of the Argo programme, implemented under the auspices of UNESCO, which measures the temperature and the salinity of the global ocean in real time.

The boat Race for Water is the ambassador of the Multi One Attitude Foundation, which has chosen to use sailing as a means to raise awareness on two essential issues: the preservation of oceans and the reduction of the water footprint. Race for Water, skippered by swiss navigator Stève Ravussin and his crew, will be taking part in the Krys Ocean Race, a transatlantic race starting in New York (United States) on 7 July and due to arrive in Brest (France) around 14 July, carrying the Foundation’s message across the ocean.

The Race for Water crew proudly deployed a scientific float on 20 June 2012, for the Argo team in Brest (Coriolis), as part of the partnership between the Foundation and UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (UNESCO-IOC). Another MOD70 competitor, Foncia skippered by Michel Desjoyeaux, also deployed an Argo float. The broad-scale global array of temperature/salinity profiling floats, known as Argo, is a major component of the UNESCO-IOC led Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS). The programme aims to maintain a network of at least 3,000 Argo floats, over all ocean areas without ice-cover, to study ocean variability in the long term.

Both crews embarked Argo profiling floats on their journey to New York to evaluate the feasibility of deploying such instruments during races, and fill up gaps identified in the global array off the trade routes, contributing significantly to the collection of scientific data. The ocean changes continuously and must, as a result, be observed constantly. A better understanding of the ocean is needed to improve climate projections, reduce the risks stemming from storms and floods, steer international actions and optimize governmental climate change mitigation policies.

The Argo community thanks these great sailors for their contribution and the Multi One Foundation for developing such a partnership with UNESCO” said Mathieu Belbeoch, coordinator of the Argo programme for UNESCO. “The ambassador boat Race for Water gives us a wonderful opportunity to promote our global observing system further. I hope such first successful deployments will introduce a longer cooperation. We need to deploy 1,000 of these units every year!

This was the first operation of the Multi One Attitude Foundation in partnership with UNESCO-IOC. The Foundation is also installing a Water Pavilion in the heart of the Race Village in Brest, in order to draw the attention of the general public and educate future generations about water preservation and ocean pollution, highlighting the role of UNESCO both with respect to the ocean and freshwater. The arrival of the race coincides with the Tonnerres de Brest, a fantastic gathering and parade of old rigs organized every 4 years.

You can follow the floats' progress on Google Earth. The crew of the Race for Water deployed float 6900910, while the Foncia crew deployed float 6901407.

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Skipper’s report:

"The Race for Water team is very proud to announce the release of the Argo beacon in the North of the Azores in an Orange zone. The start-up phase went very well. Please find the related information below. Regards."
Stève Ravussin.

Mission: MOD70 Race for Water Lorient New York
Ship name: Race for Water Trimaran MOD 70
Magnet removal 20 June 2012 20.21TU
Deployement time 20H31 TU
Latitude 39.46.59 N
Longitude 28.46.8 w
Bathy 1755 m
Operator name: Stève Ravussin
Deployement method: from the boat’s deck
Meteo: sun, flat sea, 7 kts wind

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