» Ocean Climate and Marine Ecosystems in the Western Pacific
03.03.2011 -

Ocean Climate and Marine Ecosystems in the Western Pacific


IOC/WESTPAC 8th International Scientific Symposium, Busan, Republic of Korea, 28-31 March 2011

Sustainable coastal development will be a pressing  challenge for many countries in the  new century. With forty percent of world’s population living in the coastal zones(within 100km of the coast), protecting our oceans through sustainable coastal development is essential for the survival of the Earth.  The oceans are of paramount importance to the Western Pacific region, home to more than two billion people and with almost 75% of the population and a significant proportion of economic activity concentrated in the coastal areas. The importance of marine science, ocean observations, and capacity development cannot be overemphasized in the Member States of the Western Pacific.

To help countries in the Western Pacific to face those challenges, the IOC Sub-Commission for the Western Pacific (WESTPAC) - promotes international cooperation and coordinates programmes in marine scientific research, observations and capacity building. It aims to assist its 20 Member States (to be confirmed) in the study and management of the nature and resources of their coasts and ocean. 

WESTPAC is organizing its tri-annual symposium from March 28th to March 31st 2011 under the theme Ocean Climate and Marine Ecosystems in the Western Pacific. The objective of the Symposium is to bring together marine scientists, particularly young scientists inside and outside the region with a view to encouraging an interdisciplinary approach towards the management and sustainable development of coasts and oceans with growing challenges of climate change.The symposium has attracted wide attention from ocean communities within and outside the region with more than 400 participants expected to share their knowledge on various topics such as Coastal Acidification, Climate Modeling and Prediction, Marine Remote Sensing, Paleoclimatology (Corals and Monsoon) and moreIn parallel to the symposium, many workshops will take place, to allow experts from diverse backgrounds and countries exchange their expertise and concerns. Those workshops will be covering WESTPAC main programmes:

  • Asian Dust and its Impact on Ocean Ecosystems,
  • Northeast Asian Global Ocean Observing System (NEAR-GOOS),
  • Monsoon Onset Monitoring and its Social and Ecosystem Impacts (SEAGOOS-MOMSEI),
  • Future Direction of Harmful Algae Bloom Study and Research in WESTPAC (WESTPAC-HAB),
  • Remote Sensing for Coastal Habitat Mapping (WESTPAC-ORSP),
  • Responses of Marine Hazards to Climate Change in the Western Pacific” (WESTPAC-ROSE-MaHaz),
  • Coastal Marine Biodiversity and Conservation,
  • Coral Reef under Climate and Anthropogenic Perturbations (WESTPAC-CorReCAP)

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