» Psycho-Pedagogical and Medico-Social Center Starts Operation in Grozny
22.05.2008 -

Psycho-Pedagogical and Medico-Social Center Starts Operation in Grozny

The ceremonial opening of the Psycho-Pedagogical and Medico-Social Center took place in Grozny on the 22nd of May 2008. The overall goal of the Center is to provide skillful psychological and pedagogical support to children and adults as well as coordinate psycho-pedagogical activities carried out by the educational establishments of the Chechen Republic.

Establishment of this Center was possible due to the subproject “Capacity building for integrated psychological, pedagogical and medico-social rehabilitation of school children and educational personnel” implemented within the framework of the joint UNESCO/Russia umbrella project “Support for the restoration and development of education system of the Chechen Republic.” Through the last years the Chechen specialists, who became now the staff of the Center, were receiving training and upgrading skills on different issues of management of such centers in Russia and provision of field practice in psychological and pedagogical support. These trainings were implemented with the support of the UNESCO Moscow Office. Besides, within this project the Center was equipped by furniture, rehabilitation equipment and computer and office equipment. Methodological guidelines and educational programmes were developed for the specialists of the Center. These materials represent the complete set of methodological support to the activities of the centers of a like nature in Russia.

The ceremony was attended by the representatives of the UNESCO Moscow Office, Administration of the President and the Government of the Chechen Republic, Ministers of Education and Science, Health, Finance, Labour and Social Development, representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Emergency Situations Ministry, academic community of the Chechen Republic, Mayor of Grozny and also representatives of the World Health Organization and the World Food Programme. Grozny schoolchildren performed dancing and singing and welcomed the distinguished guests. The Director of the UNESCO Moscow Office, Mr. Dendev Badarch, the Minister of Education and Science of the Chechen Republic, Mr. Anzor Mouzayev and the Mayor of Grozny city, Mr. Muslim Huchiev, cut the ribbon in front of the entrance to the Center inaugurating the launch of the Psycho-Pedagogical and Medico-Social Center of the Chechen Republic.

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