» Publication of the last two volumes of UNESCO’s Collection on Islamic culture
14.11.2016 - UNESCOPRESS

Publication of the last two volumes of UNESCO’s Collection on Islamic culture

The last two volumes of UNESCO’s collection Different Aspects of Islamic Culture will be presented at UNESCO Headquarters on 17 November (10 am, Room XI). This unique collection of six volumes totaling over 5,700 pages has mobilized more than 150 researchers and specialists who have compiled a comprehensive account of the complexity and diversity of Islamic culture.

Launched in 1977 in the spirit of UNESCO’s General and Regional Histories and completed this year, the collection, overseen by an International scientific committee, is the fruit of 40 years of debate among researchers and experts from varied backgrounds, both Muslims and non-Muslims. It offers readers a large amount of knowledge on Islam and its contribution to the world from a pluralistic and global perspective.

The final two volumes just published (I and VI), contribute to the current debate on Islam. Volume I (The Foundations of Islam) focuses on the pillars of Muslim faith and explores the principles, concepts of God and humanity, ideas and the ideals that shaped the Islamic view of the world across time and space. It presents different interpretations of the Koranic text and their philosophical, legal and political implications in Muslim societies.

Volume VI (Islam in the World Today) sheds light on the dynamics of Islamic culture and the practices of Muslim communities around the world in a rigorous analysis of their economic, political and socio-cultural characteristics.

The other volumes, published in previous years, turn to the status of the individual and society, science and technology, culture and education in the Islamic world.

Together, these volumes demonstrate how through the centuries Islam was a driving force in the rapprochement between cultures, and how it provided a framework for diverse cultures to flourish and interact.

A veritable tool for intercultural and interfaith dialogue, the collection embraces a holistic approach and multiple perspectives challenging false clichés and stereotypes associated with Islam.


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