» SDG-Education 2030 Steering Committee Meeting to plan two-year roadmap
07.12.2016 - Education Sector

SDG-Education 2030 Steering Committee Meeting to plan two-year roadmap

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The second meeting of the SDG-Education 2030 Steering Committee will take place at UNESCO Headquarters, Paris on 8 and 9 December, 2016 with the main objective to further define the role and activities of the Steering Committee (SC) in terms of advocacy, reviewing progress, financing as well as, regional strategies and coordination.

The meeting will focus on the follow-up to the recommendations of UNESCO’s flagship 2016 Global Education Monitoring report and endorse the thematic indicators proposed by the UIS-led Technical Cooperation Group, as well as agree on the contribution of the SC to SDG4 review and reporting at UN level. 

The SC will also discuss and reflect on the Report of the International Commission on Financing Global Education Opportunity, and decide on how to collaborate with the Commission in order to advance the SDG4-Education agenda. It will also discuss joint advocacy and communication activities, including through the setting up of a SDG4-Education 2030 Champion Countries initiative. It will further agree on the role of regional organisations to support the implementation of SDG4-Education 2030, and accordingly adopt a roadmap of activities for the next two years.

It will be opened by UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova with a welcome speech by H.E. Michael Worbs, Chairperson of the Executive Board of UNESCO.

A Special Address will be given by H.E. Dessima Williams, Special Adviser for the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, Office of the President of the UN General Assembly.

Global and inclusive coordination

Convened by UNESCO, the SDG-Education 2030 Steering Committee is a global and inclusive multi-stakeholder coordination mechanism for the Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4) of the Global Sustainable Development Agenda.

Its chief objective is to support Member States and partners to achieve SDG4 and education-related targets of the global agenda through strategic guidance, monitoring, partnerships, advocacy and the harmonization of partner activities.

The Committee is composed, in the majority, of representatives from Member States, as well as from eight United Nations convening agencies, international and regional organizations, the Global Partnership for Education, OECD, civil society and teacher organizations.


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