» Strategies of Renewable Energy in the Biosphere Reserves network
07.11.2013 - UNESCO Office in Venice

Strategies of Renewable Energy in the Biosphere Reserves network

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This is the title of the seminar jointly organized by the MAB National Committee of Spain, the Albertis foundation and the Parks Authority of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment of Spain on 14-15 November 2013, in Castellet I la Gornal (Barcelona). The UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe, Venice (Italy) will contribute to the first session on sustainable energy governance.

Davide Poletto, Science unit, will present the experience of training initiatives organized by UNESCO in Croatia over the biennium (2012-2013). He will in particular tackle the new concepts and principles in order to mainstream sustainable energy in UNESCO designated sites. The topic was debated during the international fall workshop on "Upgrading Life in Historic Towns - Sustainable Energy" that was held in Dubrovnik from 3-4 October 2013 and organized by the City of Dubrovnik & the Croatian Association of Historic Towns (CAHT), the UNESCO Venice Office, and the Marco Polo System, in partnership with the University of Dubrovnik, in cooperation with the UNESCO RENFORUS initiative (Renewable Energy Futures for UNESCO Sites), for an effective mainstreaming of sustainable energy in UNESCO designated sites.

The seminar will offer a stage of discussion and exchanges on the role of Biosphere Reserves in Spain in strengthening concepts and practices of sustainable energy in these sites. It will be an opportunity to disseminate the intersectoral work done by the UNESCO Venice Office in such an area and to broaden its possible partnerships and activities on the matter in the future. 

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