» The Baku Humanitarian Forum invites to open the dialogue and exchange on the future of humanity
29.11.2018 - Honorary and Goodwill Ambassadors

The Baku Humanitarian Forum invites to open the dialogue and exchange on the future of humanity

©Permanent Delegation of Azerbaijan to UNESCO

From 25 to 26 October last the city of Baku, Azerbaijan, hosted the sixth edition of the International Humanitarian Forum under the theme “Shaping a New World and a New Humanity: Creativity and Human Development”.

In the presence of Mr Ilham Aliyev, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, who delivered the opening address, and Ms Mehriban Aliyeva, First Lady of Azerbaijan and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, this Forum brought together many representatives of governments, experts in sciences and culture from around the world.

The participants discussed about the role of creativity in culture, sciences and technologies to restoring our humanity in a globalized world.

Mr Xing Qu, Deputy Director-General of UNESCO, issued a call for creativity as a driver of economic development: “Today, cultural and creative industries generate huge economic benefits, employing 30 million people. It can make up to 10% of GDP in some countries. And UNESCO supports governments to promote the diversity of cultural expressions, artistic freedom and the free movement of artists.”

Ms Hedva Ser, UNESCO Special Envoy for Cultural Diplomacy, recalled the role of UNESCO in encouraging States to ensure that culture and the cultural industries participate not only in economic development but in more democratic and humane societies. “The UNESCO Convention on cultural diversity was based on the belief that all forms of culture (art, literature, lifestyles, ways of living together, traditions and beliefs) would flourish in societies where certain values are fulfilled: democracy, tolerance, social justice and mutual respect between peoples” she said.

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