» The Countess Setsuko participates in two exhibitions at Gagosian Gallery in Paris
17.06.2019 - Honorary and Goodwill Ambassadors

The Countess Setsuko participates in two exhibitions at Gagosian Gallery in Paris


From 11 April to 1 June 2019, the Gagosian Galley in Paris has presented the exhibition Into the trees bringing together art works from The Countess Setsuko, UNESCO Artist for peace. Then, since 11 June and until 27 July, she participates in the exhibition An exposition for Notre-Dame also at the Gagosian Gallery.

Into the trees is the first exhibition of the Artist with the Gagosian Gallery. It presents terra cotta and enameled ceramics made by The Countess Setsuko, UNESCO Artist for peace. The visitor is thus invited to admire her works inspired by imagery from East and West. Working across many mediums, from bronze to gouache, the Countess Setsuko combines numerous matters and subjects filled up with serenity, “often suggesting an optimistic interconnectedness between natural and constructed elements, as well as a symbiosis between life and death”. This attention to matter has naturally led to ceramics and clay. All her works testify to a real attention given, besides the matter, to our links with the nature. This is particularly the case with the hollow tree trunks and branches – either glazed or left in earthy brown – real witnesses of environmental changes that shape the History of the Earth.

Furthermore, the Countess Setsuko participates, again with the Gagosian Gallery and with many other artists, in the exhibition An exposition for Notre-Dame, which started on 11 June 2019 and will end on 27 July 2019. This exhibition includes generous donations by many gallery artists, including the Countess Setsuko, and is held in honor of the reconstruction of the Cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris devastated by a fire on 15 April.  All proceeds from this exhibition will be donated via the Friends of Notre-Dame de Paris and its affiliated French entity La Fondation Notre Dame.

During the cathedral fire, Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO, declared that the Organization stood “by France to safeguard and rehabilitate this historic heritage of outstanding universal value”. She reiterated this support eh 19 April 2019 when she went to Elysée Palace accompanied by H.E Lee Byong-hyun, President of the executive Board and H.E Zohour Alaoui, president of the general Conference, and a delegation of ambassadors representing UNESCO's Member States. On this occasion, she bestowed to President Emmanuel Macron, a solemn declaration from the Organization's Executive Board.

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