» The E-Award recognizes sustainable initiatives that stood out since Eco-92
02.06.2012 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

The E-Award recognizes sustainable initiatives that stood out since Eco-92

Conceived by Oskar Metsavaht, through a partnership between the Instituto-E, UNESCO and the City Hall of Rio de Janeiro, to recognize the most significant initiatives for environmental development in the last 20 years, the E-Award have its first edition during the Rio + 20.

The event is part of the official program of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development and the ceremony of presentation of trophies will take place on 16 June, 18 p.m. , at the Forte de Copacabana (Copacabana Fort), with the presence of authorities and some of the world's experts on sustainability and environment. The presentation ceremony will be in charge of Zeca Camargo.

The E-Award will be biennial and will contemplate initiatives in six categories targeted by the focuses of action of Instituto-E: Earth, Environment, Energy, Education, Empowerment and Economics. There are also two special categories of awards, called E-Brigaders:  within a national and an international scope. The Empowerment category will be open to popular vote and society may vote on one of three competitors, on the website of Instituto-E (www.institutoe.org.br).

"This award comes to meet a dictum in which I have always believed:  sharing information and experience is the first step to contribute to sustainable human development. We are recognizing and valuing individuals and initiatives that, based on the legacy of Rio 92, knew how to turn concepts into actions, calling the world's attention to the urgency of taking action for our planet, "defines Oskar Metsavaht, who is also UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador.

For the UNESCO Representative in Brazil, Lucien Muñoz, "the E-award is an important initiative to focus specifically on people and personal experiences that help to transform reality; the world does not change alone, people make the changes" .

Muñoz also highlighted the contribution of the prize for the concept of sustainable development to be widely understood, covering topics ranging from economics to the empowerment of vulnerable groups.

The following persons and/ or projects will be awarded by the prize:
• Sylvia Earle (oceanographer) - Environment;
• Corrado Clini (Minister of Environment of Italy) - Energy;
• Russell Mittermeier (President of Conservation International) - Earth;
• Instituto Terra (Sebastião Salgado and Lélia Wanick Salgado) - Education;
• Reciclanip (Eugênio Deliberato) - Economics;
• Tião Santos - Empowerment;
• Carta da Terra (Mirian Vilela) - Vitae Civilis (Marcelo Cardoso) - Empowerment;
• Benki Piyãko – National E-Brigader;
• Maurice Strong – International E-Brigader (see below for complete profile of all)

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