16.09.2016 - UNESCO Montevideo Office

The Ibero-American Pact for Youth is signed

During the Ibero-America Youth Ministers Conference in Medellin, Colombia, organized by the International Youth Organism (OIJ in Spanish) and the Ministry of Youth of Colombia (Colombia Joven), has been signed the Ibero-American Pact for Youth, which pretends to be a framework for developing politics, programs and initiatives about the realities for young people in the Region.

UNESCO has been invited to participate in the event, to share its experiences and keep strengthening the working relationships with the Ibero-American Youth Ministers.

“The Pact is a powerful instrument that will helps to coordinate actions and work together between governments, civil society, academy and the international cooperation”, has pointed out Andrés Morales, Specialist on Social and Human Sciences of UNESCO for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Moreover, he highlighted that the Pact included on its 21 points-agenda, topics that UNESCO has promoted, like the role of youth on the Agenda 2030, and the promotion of social entrepreneurship in the Region.

The Pact, that had contributions from young people during fifteen Nationals Forum, also includes the promotion of initiatives in education, employment, innovation, culture of peace, among others, that influences on the Ibero-American youth.

“We arrived to a positive consensus for doing a Pact for and by the young people. A Pact which thinks the young people are a strategic actor for the political, social and economic development of our countries”, affirmed Max Trejo, general secretary of OIJ.

The Pact will be presented to the Ibero-American Presidents during the XXV Summit Ibero-American of Heads of State and Government, which will happen in Cartagena, Colombia on 28 and 29 October.

During all this year UNESCO has been helping the process for the construction the Pact and has been working with the governments, OIJ and SEGIB, in preparing the Presidents’ Summit in Cartagena.

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