» The Mayor of Timbuktu receives the International Award CGLU-CITY of MEXICO-Culture 21
25.11.2016 - UNESCO Office in Dakar

The Mayor of Timbuktu receives the International Award CGLU-CITY of MEXICO-Culture 21

Crépissage Tombouctou© Association Internationale de Maires Francophones

Ousmane Hallé, mayor of the city of Timbuktu went to Mexico City, on 27 October, to receive the international award CGLU-Mexico City-Culture 21. The International Prize aims to award cities and leaders that stand out for their contribution to culture as a key dimension for sustainable cities.

In June 2016, the city of Timbuktu received the award in the category “City, Local or Regional Government” for its project “cultural heritage and revitalization of socio-economic activities in Timbuktu”


Developed with the support of the International Association of Francophone Mayors, and in partnership with UNESCO, this project acts on the revitalization of crafts to boost the socio-economic development of the city, hit by the crisis in 2012. Launched in 2014, followed by the Timbuktu occupation by rebel groups in 2012, the project is part of the implementation of the UNESCO Action Plan and of the Government of Mali, in favor of the heritage in Northern Mali.

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