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07.07.2016 - ODG

UNESCO Director-General calls upon the SMT for enhanced leadership in audit and evaluation, and improved geographical diversity in recruitment

At the last meeting of the Senior Management Team on 29 June 2016, the Director-General called upon the SMT to ensure their personal stewardship and supervision on all audits carried out on their programme or Sector. Equally, she stressed the need to maintain rigorous monitoring of the implementation of audit recommendations.

In this regard, she will be issuing an Ivory Note on strengthening implementation of audit recommendations and for enhanced leadership in monitoring evaluations and audits.

The Director-General stressed that audits and evaluations are an intrinsic component of programme implementation and the cornerstone of effectiveness and accountability. 

She pursued by stating that this is the only way to foster an effective risk management culture and practice to improve UNESCO’s ability to properly monitor programme delivery and impact.

In the same context, the Director-General welcomed the information that according to the latest JIU report, UNESCO is amongst the best performing agencies and asked the SMT to submit proposals on UNESCO’s further improvement, in light of its continuing reform process.

The Director-General called firmly on the SMT to apply strict respect for diversity in the recruitment of staff recalling the requirement for enhancing geographical distribution and gender balance, including for consultants, and underlining that this remains a priority issue for Member States. 

She further recalled her appeal to senior managers to ensure full responsibility in accelerating recruitment of vacant posts and requested from HRM a very clear plan of action and timeline, notably concerning the recruitment of vacant posts in the Field, especially in Africa. 

The Director-General concluded by indicating that she would request HRM to monitor the situation on a monthly basis.

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