» UNESCO Director-General receives Honorary Graduate Degree from King’s College London
25.10.2017 - ODG

UNESCO Director-General receives Honorary Graduate Degree from King’s College London


On 25 October, UNESCO Director-General, Irina Bokova, was honored to receive the Honorary Graduate Degree, Doctor of Laws, from King’s College London, at the invitation of Professor Edward Byrne, President and Principal of King’s College London, on behalf of the Council.

"We look forward to a long and inspirational relationship with you, as honorary graduates," said Sir Christopher Geidt, Chairman of the College.

“On behalf of my fellow graduates, I am honoured to give the Honorary Graduate’s Response on this occasion,” said Irina Bokova, speaking for Professor Dame Carol Black and Professor Peter Sarnak, also receiving an Honorary Graduate Degree from King’s College.

“Allow me to say how humbled I feel to receive this distinction, to join the ranks of so many distinguished graduates of this great university,” said the Director-General.

“King’s College is an academic superpower. …committed to first-rate teaching … devoted to cutting-edge research,” she continued, underscoring the importance of soft power and education as a force for peace.

“Education is basic human right -- it is also a transformational force for sustainable development, for stronger, more inclusive societies, for more resilient, lasting peace,” she declared. “Education provides women and men with skills and knowledge to withstand the pressures of change and make the most of its opportunities. But it does more than this,” she continued. “Education, fundamentally, is about imparting wisdom and values. It is about building a shared community with those in our society and in others.‎ UNESCO promotes education not for its own sake, however vital it is, but also for these reasons, because education, fundamentally, is a force for peace.”

Principal Byrne thanked Irina Bokova for reminding of "the central place of education in the ongoing success of the human‎ journey," and welcomed her to the College.

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