» UNESCO special envoy Metin Arditi sponsors the French tour of the Palestinian Amwaj Choir.
17.09.2018 - Honorary and Goodwill Ambassadors

UNESCO special envoy Metin Arditi sponsors the French tour of the Palestinian Amwaj Choir.

©Amwaj Choir

The young singers of the Amwaj choir came to France to celebrate intercultural dialogue through music on a packed schedule. In total, six performances took place in Paris, Lille and Lyon.

The foundation "Les Instruments de la Paix", chaired by the UNESCO Special Envoy Metin Arditi, is the main sponsor of the Amwaj choral school and of this tour in France from 18 June to 3 July 2018.

This French tour started in Paris with three concerts, two of which were held with the children orchestra DEMOS - Philharmonie de Paris. The performers took this occasion to introduce pieces from the classical Arabic repertoire but also from revisited European classics such as Berlioz and Ravel. After the concerts at the Philharmonique and at the Arab World Institute, the children then headed to Lille where they were received at the Grand Sud to perform two opera pieces in French and Arabic followed by a French-Arabic musical dialogue. They finally ended in Lyon and Saint-Etienne along with the choir Les Petits Chanteurs de Lyon to perform the piece Tibaaq from Palestinian composer Naji Hakim. This encounter follows a previous exchange in 2017 when Lyon singers went to Palestine .

60 children aged 7 to 17 from the regions of Bethleem (cities, villages and refugee camps) and Hebron attended the tour. Metin Arditi, the tour’s main sponsor, thus allows these children to practice orchestra music. Since his nomination as Goodwill Ambassador then as UNESCO special Envoy, Metin Arditi continues to bring his support to the culture of peace and reconciliation among people.

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