» New UNITWIN Network for Underwater Archaeology established
06.12.2012 - Culture Sector

New UNITWIN Network for Underwater Archaeology established


1st Meeting of the UNESCO UNITWIN Network for Underwater Archaeology set to take place on 16-19 May, 2013 in Kemer, Antalya, Turkey

UNESCO has for a long term endeavored to foster underwater archaeology, research and capacity building in the framework of its 2001 Convention. The 2001 Convention on the protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage improves the protection and research of submerged archaeological sites.

Now UNESCO has established a new University Twinning Programme (Unitwin) for Underwater Archaeology. It shall bring together universities teaching underwater archaeology and increase their cooperation.

The main objectives of the Cooperation Programme are to:

  • promote research, training, information and documentation in the field of archaeology related to underwater cultural heritage;
  • create an academic training network tasked with harmonizing teaching schedules and programmes;
  • set up a common web portal to facilitate knowledge and information-sharing; organize regional and international conferences and seminars to promote the discipline and advance innovative research;
  • carry out joint research projects; encourage inter-university cooperation; and, promote awareness on underwater cultural heritage and influencing cultural heritage policies.

Lead Institution: Selçuk University, Turkey


  • Alexandria University, Egypt
  • Syddansk University, Denmark
  • University of Southampton, United Kingdom

Contact: Dr. Hakan Oniz, Coordinator

Selcuk University, Faculty of Letters, Department of Archaeology Kampus, Konya Turkey Phone: 90 542 874 1955 90 535 761 4252 /+ 90 332 2231373 Fax: +90 332 2411309 E-mail: Dr. Hakan Oniz

UNESCO Contact: Ulrike Guerin, CLT/CEH/CHP, u.guerin@unesco.org

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