» Upgrading Life in Historical Towns: Sustainable Energy
20.09.2013 - UNESCO Office in Venice

Upgrading Life in Historical Towns: Sustainable Energy

© Greenweasel - Old Harbor of Dubrovnik

The International Fall Workshop organized by the City of Dubrovnik & the Croatian Association of Historic Towns (CAHT), the UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe, Venice (Italy), and the Marco Polo System, in partnership with the University of Dubrovnik, RENFORUS, and under the patronage of the Croatian Ministry of Culture will take place from 3 to 4 October 2013 in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The international workshop will look at energy issues including energy efficiency and renewable energy sources in historical towns as part of global sustainability in the use of energy sources. Energy is increasingly at the core of global sustainability and climate change mitigation discussions. As energy demand continues to grow, the ability to address energy issues, including energy access, efficiency, and renewable energy sources, will be paramount in enabling development and climate change priorities to be met in a mutually reinforcing way.

 As part of the UNESCO’s overarching ‘Climate Change’ Initiative that aims at enhancing and applying the climate change knowledge base for building green societies, the RENFORUS Initiative promotes the use of UNESCO Biosphere Reserves and World Heritage sites as field observatories on the sustainable use of renewable energy sources. RENFORUS plays therefore a catalytic role in an essential international process to promote comprehensive, holistic approaches to energy, climate change and global sustainability.

Professionals and advocates of sustainable energy are invited to take part in an exchange of innovative ideas, leading edge concepts, new technologies, ongoing research and demonstration projects, and policy updates that will shape the future of sustainable energy. The two-day workshop will consist of presentations by international and national experts from across all sectors, and it will  provide a unique opportunity for collaboration and networking with other professionals in the public, private, and academic sectors with an interest in energy and sustainability. Discover expert resources and develop qualified leads.

The UNESCO School in South East Europe ‘Sustainable Energy Governance in World Heritage sites’ organized by the UNESCO Venice Office from 29 September to 4 October 2013 at the University of Dubrovnik will include a number of lecturing sessions within the international workshop.  It will also use the World Heritage site of Dubrovnik as a demonstration case for on-site exercises. Trainees as part of the school programme will present the outputs of their work on the final day of this International Workshop. 


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