25.06.2012 - Natural Sciences Sector

Urban Futures: Reflections post Rio+20

UNESCOUrban futures workshop

The UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB) and the Sustainable Urban Systems Section of the International Society for Industrial Ecology, is hosting a two-day workshop at UNESCO Headquarters from 25 to 26 June 2012.

Following the UN Rio+20 conference and the Gordon conference on Industrial Ecology (June 17-22), this workshop will explore emerging issues at the intersection of research and policy on the global environmental impacts of cities.

The Workshop will be organized in five sessions:

  • Session 1. Reflections Post Rio +20: Has a new sense of the role of cities in addressing global environmental impacts emerged from Rio +20?
  • Session 2.  Upstream Impacts of Cities: Wider upstream environmental impacts of urban metabolism.
  • Session 3.  Governing Green Cities: Effective multi-sector and multi-level governance is key for greening cities; where is it being conducted successfully; and what are the ingredients that make it work well?
  • Session 4. Successful Green Cities: Examples of cities undertaking sustainable practices in specific sectors, such as energy supply, buildings, transportation, water and waste, but are there cities that are taking an integrated approach greening multiple sectors concurrently?
  • Session 5. New Cities: As urbanization as a process accelerates can policy and planning in new cities leap-frog environmental, social and economic negatives of current cities to create green and sustainable living environments? What advances in planning, engineering and design can help to green future cities?



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