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21.12.2016 - Education Sector

What did you wish for education in your country in 2017?

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“My dream is that education is an open gateway and not a high wall,” was the wish of one of many Facebook and LinkedIn commentators answering our end of year question: “What do you wish for education in your country in 2017?”

As the first year of the Global Education 2030 Agenda ends Assistant Director-General for Education Mr Qian Tang added his own personal wish. “I would like to see Sustainable Development Goal 4 become a concrete national strategy and a national education developed plan in our Member States and I hope UNESCO continues to play its role to help them and also at a global and regional level to bring partners and stakeholders together,” he said.

The answers came from all across the world and recurring themes included the need for greater access to education, more and better trained teachers, curricula that includes climate change and raising the rate of literacy for women.

The following are excerpts from some of the responses received.

Kellie-Anne Burke, First Nation A global framework that sees all education received, regardless of where from, recognised in every country, access to the teachings of all First Nation people, specifically in relation to the environment, and finally, a place in a school for every refugee child.

Max Liushan, Ukraine My education wish would be: All school graduates would know how to read! And a small wish for my country, Ukraine: integration of non-formal educational methods into State Educational System

Uaita Masina, Samoa …would like to have a library in each school district in Samoa

Nancy Marangu, Kenya I envision an education curriculum that 1. teaches children in Kenya on climate change its effects and mitigation. 2 encourages nurturing of talents into income-generating ventures.

Mike Lutz, USA Development of media literacy for students in the United States. Becoming increasingly critical in a world flooded with news stories, both real and fake.

Elsa Silva, Portugal It would be a step forward if compassion and respect for all get embedded in the formal education systems, at the organizational level and subject matter level.

Abhishek Kumar Singh, India If we have to take the education system to the apex we have to digitalize our education system.

Shereen Akther, Bangladesh Would be very happy if government take strong initiative to set up a CLC in each village… to promote Lifelong Learning for All by 2017.

Ange Gabriel Habimana, Rwanda  My wish for Rwanda is to provide education containing knowledge and skills for all as it is now, but with creation of opportunities for the application of those skills after school.

Maria Philippi, Greece Education for All: Locals, refugees and immigrants in order to build a society of Global Citizens!

Muchembele Vernon, Australia I wish 2017 could be a year when all marginalized children gained access to quality education.

Zarina Qambarova, Tajikistan Wish that all girls have education mostly in rural area

Shazia Majeed, Pakistan Education for all without any discrimination.

Eugenie Pierre, Haiti I wish that education for kids from first grade to sixth grade in Haiti can be free as I'm living in a poor country, most of the parents are jobless.

Maida Khawaja, Pakistan Literacy rate for female is lower than in male specially in downtrodden areas like Dadu, Tharparkar, Kohistan and Rajanpur. So by no one leaving behind from the way to nourish and progress, every girl should be in school before 2030. A wish for a healthy and prosperous Pakistan so that everyone can achieve 100% literacy before 2030.


Thanks for all your comments. To see all of the responses visit UNESCO Facebook and join our special LinkedIn Education group.

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