» World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE 2013)
01.10.2013 - Education Sector

World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE 2013)

UNESCO/ A.Cheung

WISE, Doha, Qatar, from 29 to 31 October 2013.

UNESCO is taking part in the annual World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) being organized in Doha (29-31 October 2013) under the theme ‘Reinventing Education for Life’.

The Summit offers a unique opportunity for all the participants to find out more about the most cutting-edge practices in education, network with high-level people from all sectors and from all countries, and to actively participate in building the future of education.

A joint WISE – UNESCO Special Plenary Session is planned for the morning of 31 October (9-10:30) on:

‘Education Challenges in a Changing World’

The two landmark UNESCO publications, Learning to Be (or what is often referred to as the ‘Faure Report’), and Learning: the Treasure within (or the ‘Delors report’), have been key references for international educational development. They have been influential in promoting an integrated and humanistic vision of lifelong learning supported by four pillars: learning to be, to know, to do, and to live together. As the international community takes stock of new developments and educational realities in the approach of the 2015 deadline for the Millennium Development Goals, it is timely to revisit the four pillars. This would also help to inform the current debates on the post-2015 international development and education agendas.




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