» Y20 Summit in Argentina: Youth for Social Innovation
24.08.2018 - Social and Human Sciences Sector

Y20 Summit in Argentina: Youth for Social Innovation

© Kehkashan Basu

The Y20, a Youth Summit organized in the framework of the G20 in 2018 in Córdoba, Argentina, from 13 to 18 August 2018, brought together youth from across the globe to discuss and propose innovative solutions to global challenges.

This year, the Y20 gathered 46 official delegates from the G20 countries and 30 other young leaders. They were selected based on their exceptional profiles and experience in social innovation not only as ‘thinkers’ but also as ‘doers’ who are already creating social change in their communities and beyond. UNESCO nominated two brilliant young change makers to attend the event.

The Summit produced Public Policy Recommendations created by youth for the G20 Leader’s Summit to take place in December 2018, and the Social Innovation Warehouse (SIW).

“During the Y20, I was a member of the Sustainability Task Force, since that is my zone of expertise. My focus during this Summit was to collaborate with other youth delegates to work on our engagement in the SDG processes at the national, regional and international levels. Young people in many development nations are not that involved in the SDG processes and it is imperative that we make sure that policy review is a bottom-up approach, where young people all around the world are involved in all aspects of the gender-setting, decision-making and implementation”, says Kehkashan Basu, 18, member of the YouthofUNESCO community,  about her experience in the Y20.
The Social Innovation Warehouse, developed by the young participants during the Summit, is an international resource bank for communities, local governments and individuals to upload and find social innovation projects at international level.

 “I’m very hopeful. The Social Innovation Warehouse, which is an online platform, creates a new way we can share youth projects globally”, says Tamara Richardson, 22, participant of the 10th UNESCO Youth Forum.

Guided by its Operational Strategy on Youth 2014-2021, UNESCO fully supports and seeks to promote the engagement of young women and men as key stakeholders in policy debates and action addressing global challenges, including those under the G20 process. One of UNESCO’s flagship initiatives in 2018-2019 is the “Youth Spaces” Initiative which consists in a global series of actions co-designed with youth that aims to present, develop and scale up youth-led innovative action. In line with the promise of Agenda 2030 to ‘Leave No One Behind’ the “Youth Spaces” also aspire to involve young people who do not have opportunities to become engaged in civic action.

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