13.10.2011 - Education Sector

Youth need skills!

Many young people around the world leave school without the skills they need to thrive in society and find decent work.

Political upheavals and economic crises have turned the spotlight on these education failures, which are frustrating young people’s hopes for the future.

UNESCO is focusing on youth in two different ways in the coming days and months: 

Youth delegates and key partners at the 2011 UNESCO Youth Forum will discuss, blog and tweet about youth employment and other issues of concern including “Countering youth exclusion, vulnerability and violence” from17-20 October, at UNESCO, Paris. 

The 2012 UNESCO Education for All Global Monitoring Report will examine how skills development programmes can combat youth exclusion and improve young people’s opportunities for decent jobs and better lives. The report will emphasize strategies that increase employment opportunities for marginalized groups. This is an important opportunity to address a neglected issue on the Education for All agenda

How Youth Drive Change – 2011 UNESCO Youth Forum

Education for All Global Monitoring Report

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