Complementary Additional Programme


The Complementary Additional Programme: the full range of activities for which UNESCO is seeking to mobilize extra budgetary resources.

The brochure “UNESCO’s thematic programmes and targets for resource mobilization in 2012 -2013” provides a thematic overview of the Organization’s mobilization objectives for the current biennium. All the main themes are featured, as well as the gamut of programmes implemented by UNESCO. Potential donors and partners can examine more specific proposals online, in a regularly updated database.

The mobilization of extrabudgetary resources has always played an important role in strengthening the impact and reach of UNESCO’s programmes. In 2008, the Organization established a Complementary Additional Programme that demonstrated a more strategic focus for fund mobilization. It increased the consistency between the regular programme activities approved by UNESCO’s Member States and extrabudgetary activities.

A Special Emergency Multi-Donor Fund was created in November 2011 to raise supplementary resources after the US decided to withhold its contributions to UNESCO, causing a serious cash flow problem for the Organization. This Fund has already met with considerable success, but more resources need to be mobilized if the Organizaiton is to implement its full mandate. The modalities for contributing to the Fund are explained in the brochure.

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