27.11.2015 - Canadian Commission for UNESCO

15th Students on Ice Arctic Expedition

Ottawa, Canada; Kangerlussuaq, Greenland; Various locations in the Canadian Artic (Nunavut). From 28 July to 9 August 2015. Total number of Participants: 180 (100 youth, 80 experts).

Celebrating the 15th anniversary of Students on Ice expeditions, the 2015 adventure was a concrete and priceless experience for the youth to expand their knowledge of the world, fostering a new understanding of global issues such as climate change, as well as winning the inspiration and motivation necessary to help us work towards a sustainable and healthy future. The two students took part in the experience with 100 other youth from around the world, as well as a team of 80 experts, including scientists, elders, educators, artists, dignitaries, journalists and visionaries. Immersed in nature and engaged in practical workshops on scientific research and interdisciplinary activities, the students were steered in developing their leadership as agents of change and their knowledge of the fields of geopolitical, cultural, biological and geological Arctic history. Inspired, motivated, educated, these youth are now called on to play an ambassadorial role and to raise new challenges.

Inspired and determined, the two youth have written a “call to action” which will circulate nationally, notably in its inclusion in the publication, Acting on Climate Change: Extending the Dialogue Among Canadians led by the chair of the UNESCO-McGill Dialogues for a Sustainable Future. A video filmed during the expedition was also presented at the 9th UNESCO Youth Forum.


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