04.11.2021 -

2021 BRIDGE Conference “The Present and Future of Non-Formal Education in Efforts to achieve SDG4” (30 November - 1 December 2021)

The meeting will be organised and hosted by the Korean National Commission for UNESCO with support from the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Korea

The Bridge Programme is a Korean National Commission for UNESCO (KNCU) education development cooperation project that contributes to achieving UN SDG4 (concerning the provision of quality education) by promoting accessibility to education for underprivileged communities in Africa, Asia and South America. The Bridge Programme was launched in 2010 and involves collaboration with various partners, including the National Commissions for UNESCO and competent public or private institutions in the non-formal education sector of the programme’s partner countries, for the development of education that leaves no one behind. In addition to providing support for educational facilities, materials and activities, KNCU also holds workshops to strengthen the capacity of partner institutions and stakeholders who are carrying out the Bridge projects in each partner country, to ensure that the projects are as effective and sustainable as possible.

This will be the first conference for the Bridge Programme since it started. It will allow all involved to share and learn from each other’s experiences and good practices in non-formal education, but also to discuss challenges, needs, and collective actions. In the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever to maximise communication among relevant stakeholders. This conference is expected to facilitate exchanges and cooperation, and to discuss the goals of non-formal education and its role in the future.

Objectives of the 2021 Bridge Conference

● To spread the value of non-formal education in promoting continuing education for the unprivileged (SDG targets 4.5 and 4.6);

● To share the achievements of the Bridge Programme in order to strengthen future implementation;

● To learn from each other and experts, and share good practices; and

● To share the vision of the programme and establish a cooperative network with relevant organisations.

Read Concept note and programme of the Conference as well as introduction material of the Bridge Programme

Online registration is available at http://bridgeconference.kr/ 

For more information: Ms. Hyelim Park, Programme Specialist, Division of Bridge Programme, Bureau of Development Cooperation, KNCU hlpark@unesco.or.kr / (+82) 2-6958-4285; Ms. Jihon Kim (Ph. D.), Senior Programme Specialist, Division of Bridge Programme, Bureau of Development Cooperation, KNCU jhkim@unesco.or.kr / (+82) 2-6958-4167 )

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