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23 August: UNESCO Associated Schools launch new activities on the commemoration of the Transatlantic Slave Trade


On the occasion of 23 August, the International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition, the UNESCO Associated Schools (ASPnet) launched new activities within the Transatlantic Slave Trade (TST) Education Project for the school year 2010/11.

The ASPnet International Coordination  launched an online TST platform in September. Schools will be able to present their TST projects, seek direct exchanges with schools in other countries and develop twinning projects on the topic of the TST. This will be made possible thanks to a contribution of the U.S. Department of State.

The ASP network in Trinidad and Tobago planned a Commemoration of the TST on 23 August for students and teachers from ASPnet schools. Lectures such as “The causes of Abolition and Emancipation and its aftermath in Trinidad and Tobago” and “The tribes from Africa and where they settled in Trinidad” helped increase awareness of the causes and consequences of the slave trade. A teaching session guided by the Afro-Caribbean Drummers Association and student presentations on the invention of the steel drum aim to celebrating the African diaspora and highlight the contributions made by the enslaved. 

The Danish ASP network announced the dates of its annual meeting of the TST Education Project (4-5 October 2010). A website also highlights the ongoing work of ASPnet TST schools, such as a two-week study tour to Tanzania in early 2010 and the winner of a competition among Danish ASPnet students to create a digital game on the TST. 

Selected ASPnet schools in Africa, Europe and the Americas were encouraged to organize screenings of the film “Slave Routes: A Global Vision”, produced by the UNESCO Slave Route Project.  

Activities on the remembrance of the slave trade and its abolition have been initiated in ASPnet schools around the world through the ASPnet TST Education Project. Launched in 1998, the project aims to increase awareness of the causes and consequences of the TST - including modern forms of slavery and racism - through educational exchanges, sharing good practice and developing and diffusing educational material.  

UNESCO chose the date of this International Day, 23 August, to pay tribute to the historic resistance that led to the creation of the first black independent State, the Republic of Haiti.

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