06.10.2010 -

A commitment to Olympic Values Education in the Caribbean

© L. Saldari/UNESCO

The “Teaching Olympic Values: an IOC/UNESCO Associated Schools (ASPnet) Joint Initiative” was launched in Trinidad and Tobago during a workshop held from 9 to 13 August 2010. Along with youth leaders and teachers, 30 ASPnet teachers and National Coordinators from the Caribbean Sub-region were trained on the contents and methodologies of the Olympic Values Education Programme (OVEP) developed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Participants discussed IOC values such as respect for others, fair play, the pursuit of excellence, the balance between body, will and mind, and the joy of effort. Furthermore, it also allowed them to elaborate adequate assessment tools to evaluate the impact of the resource  “Teaching Values: an Olympic Education Toolkit”. 

In a Joint Declaration of Commitment, the participants, as agents of change, endorsed the promotion of best practices in teaching and the relevance of post-experimentation assessments of this pilot initiative and committed themselves to the experimentation of the OVEP Toolkit.

Jointly organized by IOC and ASPnet, with the participation of the Trinidad and Tobago National Commission for UNESCO and the National Olympic Committee, the lessons learned at the workshop are expected to provide a firm foundation for lifelong learning through values education as well as promoting the principles of peace and intercultural understanding among youth.

Joint Declaration of Commitment


List of participants

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