18.09.2002 -

A WSIS Preparatory Conference in Kyrgysztan

This Conference held in Bishkek (Kyrgysztan), 9-11 September 2002 is the first step for a regional preparation of the World Summit on the Information Society in the region. Ttwelve countries were represented through governments, private sector and civil society representatives.

The Conference was aimed at discussing a wide range of issues, through plenary sessions and round tables. The following issues were more specially adddressed by participants: Humankind and information society, Information society infrastructure development and Readiness for information society.


At the end of the Conference, the participants adopted a Final resolution containing a call to governments and parliaments, non-governmental organizations and private sector to take measures for the development of the information society in the region. Recommendations were expressed, for instance, on the need to provide free and ready access to public information or to stimulate local authorities to develop projects in the ICT area.


This Conference is aimed at being the first step of the consultation for the WSIS in the region. a further meeting should take place in Moscow in October 2002.

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