02.10.2017 - UNESCO Office in Nairobi

Africa Engineering Week celebrated in Kigali


The Institution of Engineers Rwanda (IER) in collaboration with the Federation of African Engineering Organization (FAEO) and UNESCO organized the 4th edition of the UNESCO-Africa Engineering Week to be held in Kigali, Rwanda, from 25 to 29 September 2017. The theme of this year's UNESCO-Africa Engineering Week is "Effective Waste Management in Africa".

This year’s UNESCO and the Federation of African Engineering Organizations (FAEO) Africa Engineering Week was organized from 25 to 29 September in Kigali, Rwanda, under the stewardship of the Institution of Engineers of Rwanda. The Africa Engineering Week is a UNESCO Initiative organized in collaboration with the World Federation of Engineering Organizations and the Federation of African Engineers. This was the 4th of this event that was launched by UNESCO Headquarters in September 2014, in Johannesburg, South Africa, with the aim of giving visibility to the engineering profession by educating the young people and the public on the important role engineering plays in the socio-economic development of countries. The 2nd and 3rd Africa Engineering Week events were organized in Zimbabwe and Nigeria respectively. The theme of the Africa Engineering Week 2017 was “ Effective Waste Management in Africa”.

The Office represented UNESCO in this event in Kigali and gave opening remarks during the official opening Ceremony that was presided over by the Right Honourable Prime Minister of the Republic of Rwanda. The Office representative was also invited to participate in the Executive Committee Meeting of the Federation of African Engineering Organizations, to inform the members about the rationale for organizing the Africa Engineering Week and the expectation of UNESCO from the African Member States during this week. The organization of the Africa Engineering Week by UNESCO and FAEO is rotational on a regional basis. However, countries are also expected to organize their national Africa Engineering Week events on an annual basis.

More than 1000 participants attended, constituting an ideal platform for exchanging in the field of engineering in Africa as well as disseminating and promoting engineering innovations and solutions among the future community of engineers.

During this week students in schools across Africa participated in educational activities to get a clearer view on what engineering is. The school children were introduced to interesting career paths in engineering and they were involved in hands-on activities. A week also during which a series of conferences, seminars and workshops took place.

The aim was to encourage students to study engineering by supplementing STEM curriculum with practical engineering applications, and to incite more African countries to participate ensuring the sustainability of these efforts.

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