20.04.2004 -

Another CMC in Mozambique Opens its Doors

A community radio turned into a fully-fledged community multimedia centre when it opened its doors last week in Dondo, Central Mozambique. The addition of a telecentre, which offers the community access to computers and email, IT training and basic office services, will help the radio to move even closer to the community and will ensure that it becomes a multifaceted centre for access to and generation of local knowledge.

Dondo CMC will benefit from the experience of two other Mozambican CMCs that opened last year in Manhiça and Namaacha, where community radio was added to two existing telecentres. Those two centres had in turn benefited from the broadcasting training offered by UNESCO's Media Development project in Mozambique, which set up Radio Dondo and seven other community stations.


The opening of Dondo CMC comes ahead of the start of CMC scale-up in Mozambique. The initiative to develop large-scale CMC networks in Mozambique, Mali and Senegal was launched during the WSIS in Geneva, in December 2003 and will get underway by July 2004. In Mozambique, the CMC scale-up initiative will develop close synergies with the Media Development project.


Within the network of eight UNESCO-initiated community radios in Mozambique, Dondo is the first to transform itself into a CMC. Plans have already been made for Cuamba community radio to become a CMC and others may follow suit. Amongst other candidates for transformation is Radio VozCoop outside Maputo - based in a women's cooperative.

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