18.09.2017 - UNESCO Office in Nairobi

Validation workshops in five Eastern African countries for ´Better Education for Africa’s Rise´(BEAR II) project


Better Education for Africa's Rise- BEAR II project validation workshops taking place in Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, United Republic of Tanzania and Uganda in the month of September 2017

This month, UNESCO and the five beneficiary countries of the BEAR II Project (Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Tanzania and Uganda) will organize two-day validation workshops to conclude the planning phase of the project at country level. It will be an opportunity to further discuss the proposed interventions for TVET in prioritized sectors among the relevant ministries in each country, and to build synergies between stakeholders to assure the ownership and an inclusive consultation process.

Better Education for Africa’s Rise (BEAR) is a five-year joint initiative supported by UNESCO and the Republic of Korea, through which UNESCO provides technical support to strengthen Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) systems and stimulate ownership in partner countries.

The workshops will take place in the five beneficiary countries on the following dates:

  • Ethiopia: 21 and 22 September
  • Uganda: 21 and 22 September
  • Kenya: 26 and 27 September
  • Madagascar: 26 and 27 September
  • Tanzania: 28 and 29 September

The workshops will also serve as a tool to confirm each country’s state of preparedness for participation in the Project and will provide the beneficiary countries with the opportunity to define their detailed action plans under each proposed result and activity. It will additionally help build consensus among relevant participating TVET organizations i.e. TVET and sectorial ministries, TVET institutions, Vocational Training centres, enterprises etc.

Furthermore, UNESCO will present the adopted Strategy for TVET (2016-2021), outline overall goals and scope of the project, share findings of earlier scoping missions in the beneficiary countries and facilitate discussions on the proposed interventions for each country.

Three main areas of intervention will be discussed in working groups, concerning Relevance, Quality and Attractiveness of TVET. The working groups’ discussions will revolve around the activities planned under each result area, modalities of implementation and the role that each stakeholder can play in the process of implementation.

The validation workshops will also create an opportunity to discuss ongoing interventions in the country and identify potential synergies that the BEAR II Project could help create, in order to complement existing interventions and contribute towards building a comprehensive national TVET system.

About BEAR II Project

UNESCO advocates for Education as a key to sustainable development. Better Education for Africa’s Rise Project is working to update curricula, better train teachers, boost infrastructure and engage employers and enterprises to help create more comprehensive TVET Systems. The BEAR interventions focus on specific sectors carefully chosen for their potential for creating jobs. The ultimate aim of the project is to promote quality TVET systems and to give young people a better chance of finding jobs.

Focal Point for BEAR II Project: Mr. Leszek Jeremi Bialy, l.bialy(at)unesco.org

Media Relations: Miss Gaia Paradiso, g.paradiso(at)unesco.org

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