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Call for Applications: Erasmus Mundus Master Course in Ecohydrology

Erasmus Mundus Master Course in Ecohydrology

The edition 2016-2018 of the master is organized in 3 European Universities in cooperation with the UNESCO-IHE, the Netherlands, and the Universily of La Plata, Argentina by the Consortium of the Erasmus Mundus Master Course in Ecohydrology (ECOHYD). The aim is to effectively contribute to promote the UNESCO’s ecohydrology approach for the management of water resources in a sustainable way for ecosystems and society.

Ecohydrology is a new vision for aquatic ecosystem management. Intensive human uses and climate change are degrading global water quality and negatively affecting aquatic ecosystems worldwide. UNESCO IHP Ecohydrological ‘dual regulation’ (biota – water cycle interactions) provides a framework for reduction of human impact from catchments to coastal areas by enhancing and managing the existing environmental potential.

ECOHYD is constituted by: University of Algarve (Portugal), University of Lodz (Poland), University of Kiel (Germany), UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education (Netherlands), and the University of La Plata (Argentina) and a number of associated members. The course closely interacts with the UNESCO Chair in Ecohydrology: water for ecosystems and societies, established at the University of Algarve. This recognition by UNESCO member states, reinforces the excellent perspectives for students’ professional future.


The ECOHYD Master Course aims to provide an integrated understanding of the ecological processes and hydrologic functions and their relation with the human needs, as a way to create the tools, methodologies and approaches that sets the framework for implementation of long term sustainable solutions for aquatic systems and societies depending on them.


  • 1st term – 15 July 2016
  • 2nd term - 2 September 2016


Professor Luis Chicharo and Ms Joanna Włodarczyk
Faculdade de Ciencias e Tecnologia, Universidade do Algarve
Campus de Gambelas, 8005-139 Faro, Portugal

website :http://www.ecohyd.org/ 
e-mail: info(at)ecohyd.org
phone: +351 289 800 081

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