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Call for the European Young Researchers' Award 2012 (Deadline : 19 April 2012)

All European Young Researchers which comply with the qualification and eligibility criteria are invited to apply! The European Young Researchers’ Award (EYRA), coordinated by Euroscience in collaboration with The European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers “Eurodoc” and Marie Curie Fellows Association “MCFA”, is granted to researchers demonstrating outstanding research performance and leadership. At the same time, the award aims to inspire early stage and experienced researchers to incorporate a European dimension and perspective into their research.

The Award is granted each year but the prize-giving-ceremony is held every two years at the Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF) where the two recipients will present their work. The Award consists of a Certificate and a grant to cover travel and accommodation for the stay in the ESOF city.

<a name="qualification-criteria-1297677456703"></a>Qualification Criteria

- The research should be of demonstrably excellent quality (publications, prizes, prestigious grants etc)

- The research must have a clear European dimension, either because it is a collaboration of researchers in different European countries or it is a research project in one European country that addresses a research topic of European significance.

- The applicant should have demonstrated leadership in the research project; should have inspired students; and should have initiated outreach to wider audiences.

<a name="eligiblity-criteria-1327569317241"></a>Eligiblity Criteria

- Candidates should work in a European country, but are not required to have a European nationality.

- Researchers having successfully defended their first PhD with up to five years of experience after their PhD.

- The application should be in English.

<a name="application-procedure-and-documentation-"></a>Application procedure and documentation

- Cover page with First Name, Last Name, Scientific Field, Gender, Institution/Organisation/University Postal Address, Country, Phone number and E-mail.

- Up to two pages A4 describing the research and its European dimension

- 1 page CV, including statement of prizes/awards already received.

The above mentioned documents should be included in a single pdf-file. In addition candidates must supply two letters in support of the nomination of no more than 1 page A4:

  • describing why the candidate as a person deserves this award (leadership, inspirational role, outreach to wider audiences),
  • commenting on the quality and relevance of the specific research and the publications,
  • mentioning any specific circumstances that would make the award particularly appropriate.

These two letters should be from individuals well qualified in the field, at least one of whom not associated with the research itself.

Please submit the PDF application electronically via email attachment to office@euroscience.org or PDF file on CD sent to the Euroscience address. Identify the nomination file as “surname_firstname_date”.

The deadline for sending in your application is 19 April 2012.

An international selection Committee will evaluate the applications and select the Awardee. See the list of jury members:<a alt="Download Members of the Selection Committee - PDF (58.93 Kb)" href="http://www.euroscience.org/index.php?module=media&amp;action=Display&amp;cmpref=44870&amp;lang=en&amp;width=&amp;height=&amp;format=&amp;alt=" title="Download Members of the Selection Committee - PDF (58.93 Kb)">Members of the Selection Committee - PDF (58.93 Kb)</a>

More information at : http://www.euroscience.org/eyra-2012,42134,en.html

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