17.06.2015 - UNESCO Office in Jakarta

CapEFA Training on the Use of the CLC Operational Handbook in Timor-Leste

A total of about 73 participants attended the Training on the Use of the Community Learning Centre (CLC) Operational Handbook held last 9-11 June 2015 at the Excelsior Resort and Hotel in Dili, Timor-Leste under the support of the Capacity Development for Education for All (CapEFA) Timor-Leste Programme of UNESCO Jakarta in partnership with the Ministry of Education in Timor-Leste working directly with the National Directorate for Recurrent Education (NDRE) as part of building their capacity specifically supporting the continuous strengthening of the existing CLCs under the National Directorate for Recurrent Education.

The leaders and officers of the 3-UNESCO initiated CLCs and the other 6 CLCs launched early last year by the Ministry of Education were the main participants of this training on the use of the CLC Operational Handbook including key national staff of the National Directorate for Recurrent Education of the Ministry.

The resource person/trainor of this training activity was Mr. Erwin Simanjuntak, UNESCO Consultant who also developed the CLC Operational Handbook for Timor-Leste after his assessment of the 3-UNESCO initiated CLCs during the months of April and May 2015.  The CLC Operational Handbook contained 6 modules explaining the step by step activities to facilitate the processes with the CLCs. The 6 modules are: Module 1-Concepts, Functions, Activities and Benefits of a CLC; Module2-The Structure and Administrative and Management System of CLC; Module 3-Module Three Interventions Conducted to Mobilize the Community to Acquire their Participation and Ownership of the CLC;  Module 4- The System of Implementation of CLC Activities (Cost, Financing and Sustainability); Module 5- Interventions Conducted to Strengthen the CLC through Partnership Building; and Module 6- Monitoring Evaluation, Documentation and Provision of the Feedback on CLC.

The 3-day training was opened by Director of NDRE, Mr. Mario Antonio da Costa Ximenes who in his remarks encouraged all the participants to participate actively and attentively and maximize the opportunity to learn from the topics specifically the modules of the CLC Operational Handbook as these are very much relevant to the participants for the application of their learnings in their respective CLCs.

Ms. Jati Sugianto, Programme Assistant of UNESCO Jakarta Office also gave brief remarks during the opening day and emphasized that the modules were meant to provide a step by step process of building and strengthening further the respective CLCs and meant to be used in order to improve the structure and management of the CLCs.

Part of the process of the training was carrying out pre-tests and post tests on every module with the participants to see the progress and learnings made from the topics and inputs provided. Likewise, during the presentation of each module, participants proceeded to group discussion/work group to answer and follow the steps provided in each module and presented the results of their group work to the plenary for further comments.

All the participants of the 3-day training received a certificate of attendance/participation given to them during the closing ceremony.

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