11.02.2016 - UNESCO Office in Jakarta

Christine Hakim, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, visits UNESCO Office in Jakarta

Tuesday, 9 February. Ms. Christine Hakim, award-winning Indonesian actress and producer visited UNESCO Office in Jakarta. Ms. Hakim who is also the UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Teacher Education in Southeast Asia was keen to learn more about UNESCO latest programmes and activities.

During this friendly meeting, UNESCO experts gave an update of its activities to Ms. Hakim and discussed ways to further promote UNESCO’s work to the wider public.

She felt that UNESCO’s success is measured by its impacts to the people. She is eager to be more involved in the field. Therefore, Ms. Hakim strongly expressed her availability and readiness to support and campaign for UNESCO programmes and activities.

As the Goodwill Ambassador, she is able to use her public profile to spread the ideals of UNESCO to other stakeholders including government, civil society, media, and private sectors as well as to increase the visibility of UNESCO’s programmes and activities in Indonesia.

Ms. Christine Hakim enthusiastically shared her experiences as in the media industry and as the Goodwill Ambassador for UNESCO. Through her expertise in the arts, she believe she can help UNESCO’s mission particularly in areas of non-formal education, working with local community and local government especially with women and youth.  For example, Ms. Hakim believes that the use of documentary film can be a powerful tool to promote UNESCO’s mission as it can capture the real life of people such on a diverse range of issues such as education in Papua.

Ms. Hakim has appeared in more than thirty films. She won the Citra Award for Best Actress – one of the Indonesian film industry’s most prestigious awards – six times and the Asia Pacific Film Festival’s Best Actress award four times. She was a jury at the 2002 Cannes Film Festivals and a recipient of the lifetime achievement award from Manila’s Cinemanila Film Festival and was nominated Asian Heroine by Time Magazine Asia in 1999.

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