25.03.2004 -

Collection of National Copyright Laws Now Online

Full texts of national copyright and related rights legislation of UNESCO Member States can now be accessed on the website of UNESCO's Culture Sector. The collection currently comprises about 100 laws and is constantly being updated and completed.

UNESCO's commitment to copyright dates from as far back as 1952, when the Universal Copyright Convention was adopted.


Today, when copyright and related rights are challenged by the rapid development of the digital technologies as well as by rampant piracy, UNESCO contributes to the promotion of copyright protection and to the prevention of piracy through public awareness campaigns, information, training and research, and assistance in legal and technical matters.


UNESCO's set of copyright tools includes its Network of Copyright Chairs in universities in a number of developing countries and countries in transition, UNESCO publications, including the e-Copyright Bulletin, now in five languages, the Collection of national copyright laws, the studies of copyright issues carried out in the framework of the administration of the Universal Copyright Convention and the 1961 Rome Convention and the Guide to the Collective Administration of Authors' Rights, a useful tool for the development of collecting societies. Within the framework of the Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity, UNESCO is currently developing new initiatives and projects in order to fight against piracy.


The "Recommendation concerning the Promotion and Use of Multilingualism and Universal Access to Cyberspace" that was adopted by UNESCO Member States in October 2003 suggests updating national copyright legislation and adapt them to cyberspace, taking full account of the fair balance between the interests of authors, copyright and related rights-holders, and of the public embodied in international copyright and related rights conventions.

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