12.04.2012 - UNESCO Venice Office

Common approaches to the regional travelling exhibit: Imagining the Balkans

© Borosak Marijanovic – Group photo

The report presenting the results of the meeting “Imagining the Balkans - History, Memory and Dialogue in South East Europe” (March 2012, Ljubljana) is now released. The event gathered museum directors and experts from the region, senior representatives from European museums, professional organizations and academic networks of research to discuss concrete plans and ideas for the structuring and organization of a travelling exhibit, tentatively entitled “Imagining the Balkans”.

This regional exhibit is to be considered as a flagship regional project of the UNESCO “Culture: a bridge to development” initiative launched by the Director-General of UNESCO.

The report, prepared by Philippos Mazarakis-Ainian, Curator, National Historical Museum of Greece, President of the International Association of Museums of History, shows common approaches arising from the discussions, with a proposed storyline of 10 thematic chapters: Living in the old world; Travelling, communicating; A new social order: the rise of the middle classes; Creating and diffusing knowledge; Mapping; Using history; Heroes and Antiheroes; Public celebrations ; Images of the Nation; Whose is this song?

The next meeting will take place on 20-21 June, 2012 at the National History Museum of Romania, in Bucharest, Romania, and will serve to finalize the selection of items and proposed storyline. The exhibit is to be inaugurated at the National Museum of Slovenia, in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in June 2013.

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