22.10.2017 - UNESCO Office in Apia

Consultation on Tuvalu National Culture Policy: Integrating Culture in Sustainable Development

A Multi-stakeholder Consultation on Tuvalu National Culture Policy (TNCP): Strategic Plan 2018-2024 was held in Funafuti from 17 to 18 October 2017. It was organised by the Culture Department of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Rural Development of Tuvalu in cooperation with the UNESCO Office for the Pacific States. The development of TNCP was identified as priority in the National Strategy for Sustainable Development (2016-2020) (TK III) of Tuvalu.

Some ten officials representing different Departments of the Ministries and Offices (Education, Environment, Health, Tourism, Community and Youth, Gender Equality, and Climate Change), as well as five representatives of Falekaupule (local government), the Women’s Committee and the Youth Committee of the outer islands of Tuvalu based in Funafuti attended this Consultation in order to examine the draft TNCP developed through extensive consultative process in 2016 and 2017 and finalise the TNCP’s Road Map, in particular, Objective 5 to integrate culture in sustainable development.


Each Department/Ministry made a presentation of its sectoral plan. Based on that, the participants discussed strategic actions and outcomes that could be achieved through inter-sectoral cooperation and coordination. These actions included, among others, integrate Tuvaluan heritage contents and arts into the formal and non-formal education, support the Tuvaluan studies, promote locally managed protected areas for environmental protection, safeguard and revitalise the intangible cultural heritage such as fishing and agriculture methods and skills for food security, traditional knowledge of weather and navigation for climate change adaptation, promote research with community on the efficacy of traditional herbal medicine and healing practices, identify and document culturally significant sites and support cultural festivals to promote cultural tourism, support the cultural production for inclusive economic development especially for women and youth.


The discussions shed light on culture as enabler for sustainable development, highlighting the importance of culturally sensitive approach and the community engagement to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Tuvalu.


The outcome of the Consultation fed into the TNCP. And the updated TNCP was presented at the Development Coordination Committee of Tuvalu before it being formally endorsed by Cabinet towards the end of the year.


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