23.10.2013 - UNESCO Office in Santiago

Chile holds seminar on media-digital education, with the help of UNESCO

Photo: Flickr/Super Formosa

The Universidad de Santiago de Chile (USACH) and Novasur of the National Television Council (CNTV), with the support of the Regional Bureau for Education in Latin America and the Caribbean (OREALC/UNESCO Santiago), invited all to a lecture on digital media and education. This lecture kicks off the seminar on the same topic, to be held at the National and International Events Centre (CENI) of USACH.

The lecture is given by José Ignacio Aguaded, professor of Education in Communications Media and Technologies Applied to Education from the Universidad de Huelva (Spain) and one of the most renowned researchers on the topic of communications media and education. Aguaded has written several books such as “Televisión y telespectadores” (“Television and Spectators” in English, Comunicar, 2001), “Jóvenes, aulas y medios de comunicación” (“Youth, Classrooms and Communications Media” in English, La Crujía, Argentina, 2002) and “Tecnologías para la educación: diseño, producción y evaluación de medios para la formación docente” (“Technologies for Education: Design, production and evaluation of media for teacher training” in English, Alianza, 2003). All of these discuss issues related to the importance of digital media in education, the role of educators and how society today handles the diversity of platforms and messages.

The lecturer is also the director of the Ibero-American scientific journal on communications and education, “Comunicar”, which is distributed in Europe and the Americas and offers articles that address the development, importance, impact and relevance of the communications media in different realities around the world.

Following the lecture, the Chilean university professors, Valerio Fuenzalida, Claudio Avendaño and Jaime Carril, will present their research and discuss the situation of digital media and education in Chile and its perspectives for the future.

The seminar will be held at the National and International Events Centre (CENI) of USACH, located at 175 Las Sophoras, Estación Central, Santiago, Chile. The opening ceremony is scheduled for Thursday 24 October at 9 am and is open to the public.



  • Reception and registration  (9 a 9:30 hrs.)
  • Lecture by Dr. Ignacio Aguaded  (9:30 a 10:30 hrs.)
  • Roundtable discussion  (10:30 a 11:30 hrs.)
  • Coffee break (11:30 hrs.)

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