12.03.2010 -

Dhaka meeting examined the role of education NGOs in combating marginalization during the financial crisis.

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The effects of the global financial crisis on NGOS working with the marginalized and towards Education for All was the subject of a meeting held in Dhaka, Bangladesh from 22 to 24 March.

The Fifth meeting of UNESCO’s Collective Consultation of NGOs on Education for All (CCNGO/EFA) focused on the threats of marginalization and the global financial crisis to reach the EFA goals.

Five years prior to the 2015 EFA target date, the global financial crisis is not only jeopardizing significant advances made in access to education since 2000 but also aggravating existing challenges. Marginalized groups will be the hardest hit by the aftershock of the crisis. Civil society organizations have an increasingly important role to play in protecting the most marginalized groups from the worst effects of the crisis.  

The three-day meeting followed up on the Ninth High-Level Group (HLG) meeting on EFA held in Addis Ababa 23 to 25 February. It presented an opportunity to explore ways of improving strategic collaboration between UNESCO and NGOs.  

Discussion in Dhaka was also informed by the 2010 EFA Global Monitoring Report: Reaching the marginalized and findings of studies conducted by UNESCO through the CCNGO/EFA on the effects of the crisis on the NGO community. 

Established after the 2000 World Education Forum, in Dakar, the CCNGO/EFA is UNESCO’s main collaboration mechanism with NGOs working towards EFA. It aims to facilitate reflection, foster dialogue and encourage joint action between the NGOs and UNESCO in the area of EFA.

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