27.10.2015 - UNESCO Montevideo Office

Documentary heritage of 12 Latin American and the Caribbean countries joined the Regional Register of the UNESCO Memory of the World Programme

The Regional Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean UNESCO Memory of the World (MOWLAC) Programme held its Sixteenth Annual Meeting. The meeting was held from the 21st to 23rd October 2015, in Quito, Ecuador, under the sponsorship and collaboration of the UNESCO Office in Quito and with the representation of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela, as well as the International Centre for Advanced Studies in Communications for Latin America (CIESPAL-UNESCO).

Among the many objectives of the meeting was to evaluate and determine collections of documents to be incorporated in Regional Register of Documentary Heritage of Latin America and the Caribbean.” Specialists attended 
the meeting from a number of countries from the MOWLAC Regional Committee. The committee members evaluated a total of 21 proposals from 12 Member States: 5 from Brazil, 3 from Mexico, 2 from Bolivia, Colombia and Paraguay and 1 each from Argentina, Ecuador, El Salvador, Jamaica, Peru, Dominican Republic and Trinidad and Tobago.

The 21 nominations include documentary heritage addressing issues from linguistic, social, cultural, religious, anthropological, literary and human rights approaches. Originals ranged from manuscripts, printed, cartographic, photographic, audio, material, etc. produced from the sixteenth century to the present day.

The Committee of Experts decided to add 18 of these applications to the regional registry, which now counts 123 documents. These new incorporations represent an important range of documents from Latin America and the Caribbean on the history of education, human rights, psychiatry, music, architecture, communication, among others.

1. Southern Cone Workers Press: A Century of History in CeDInCI s Collections (Argentina, Chile, Uruguay 1863-1973.)
Institution / Organization: Center for Documentation and Research of Culture Left (CeDInCI) Country: Argentina

2. The first Constitutional Assembly Acts of Bolivia. Year 1826 (Plurinational State of Bolivia)

Institution / Organization: Library and Archives of the Plurinational Legislative Assembly of Bolivia Country: Bolivia

3. The Nise da Silveira personnel archive
Institution / Organization: Museu de Imagens do Unconscious Country: Brazil

4. Media Library of CIESPAL-MEDIALAB Quito
Institution / Organization: CIESPAL Country: Ecuador

5. Habeas Corpus on toilet paper
Institution / Organization: American Academy of International and Comparative Law. Latin American Union of Associations and Bar Associations. Country: Bolivia

6. Collection of the Amnesty Commission of the Ministry of Justice of Brazil, completed the series expedients requests for amnesty (2001-2015)
Institution / Organization: Amnesty Commission, Ministry of Justice Country / Country: Brazil

7. Operation Cirirí, documentary collection on the Lalinde family
Institution / Organization: National Center of Historical Memory - Address File Human Rights Country: Colombia

8. Documentary series and collections of the Municipal General Archive of Puebla
Institution / Organization: Municipal Archives Puebla Country: Mexico

9. Certificates of singleness
Institution / Organization: Archdiocese of Asuncion Country: Paraguay

10. Ellacuría's Documentary Fund: Historical Reality and Liberation

Institution / Organization: Society of Jesus, Central Province Country: El Salvador

11. Manuscript music scores autographed by musician Julian Carrillo, 1905-1910
Institution / Organization: National Conservatory of Music, National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature Country: Mexico

12. Register of the Indians who were found in the City of Kings of Peru (1613-1614) by commission of Don Juan de Mendoza y Luna, third Marquess of Montesclaros and XI Viceroy of Peru (1607-1615)
Institution / Organization: Riva-Agüero Institute of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru and The National Library of Spain. Country: Peru

 / Spain

13. Enrique Lopez Collection- National Library of Paraguay

Institution / Organization: National Library of Paraguay Country: Paraguay

14. "Pages Banilejas" 1941-1975

Institution / Organization: Cultural Center Perello Country: Dominican Republic

15. The Yucatan Caste War Correspondence

Institution / Organization: Ministry of Culture and Arts of Yucatan Country: Mexico

16. Collection Educator Paulo Freire (1997-2013)
Institution / Organization: Institute Paulo Freire Country: Brazil

17. Official photographic records of the interventions in the city of Rio de Janeiro, 1900-1950
Institution / Organization: General Archive of the City of Rio de Janeiro Country: Brazil

18. The SERVOL Collection, Father Gerard Pantin, 1070-2014 [The Collection SERVOL Father Gerard Pantin, 1970-2014]

Institution / Organization: SERVOL Life Centre Country: Trinidad and Tobago

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