07.07.2011 -

Documenting university responses to HIV and AIDS in the East Africa Community Region

Universities in Africa are playing their role in responding to both prevention of the spread of HIV and mitigation of the adverse effect that the disease has on society and more specifically in their respective institutions of higher learning.Unfortunately, a lot of what the institutions are doing is not known by most would be stakeholders out there as a result of lack of proper documentation of these efforts. UNESCO Nairobi Office has identified the need to document the university responses in this area within the EAC region (which also hosts some of the countries with high HIV prevalence) and is supporting a study to document the responses and experiences of universities in dealing with HIV and AIDS in Burundi, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda.

The study specifically focuses on what universities in these countries have done in the areas of HIV prevention,impact mitigation, care, support and treatment, and in the development of workplace policies. A consultant has been engaged to conduct this important study which is also expected to identify any forms of assistance accorded to universities in organizing interventions; problems encountered in implementing interventions as well as how these universities have tried to circumvent these problems. A total of 30 universities in the EAC region will be involved in this study.

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