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Dublin to host Euroscience Open Forum 2012

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After Stockholm (2004), Munich (2006), Barcelona (2008) and Turin (2010), Dublin - Ireland’s capital, city rich with cultural and artistic heritage, steeped with history and vibrant with youthful energy -, has been chosen to host the biennial pan-European meeting dedicated to scientific research and innovation Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF). To celebrate this prestigious, international event in Dublin, the City of Science 2012, a programme of science-related events and activities, is running throughout the year across the island of Ireland.

ESOF is an interdisciplinary, pan-European meeting, held under the auspices of Euroscience, which aims to showcase the latest advances in science and technology; to promote a dialogue on the role of science and technology in society and public policy; and to stimulate and provoke public interest, excitement and debate about science and technology.

ESOF 2012 will be taking place in the Convention Centre in Dublin on 11-15 July. Its programme will incorporate a number of distinct streams: 20 + key-note sessions; a science programme of seminars, workshops and debates on the latest research (approx. 90 sessions); a Science to Business Programme to link basic research with business and industrial applications (approx. 15 sessions); a careers programme showcasing career opportunities in Europe and beyond for all levels of researchers at all stages of their careers (approx. 15 sessions); a Science in the City programme to provide scientific interchange opportunities between ESOF2012 delegates and Dublin citizens; a media programme to promote science communication; and, an exhibition to showcase the best of European academic, public and private research.

Over twenty distinguished scientists and public figures have accepted an invitation to give a keynote address at ESOF2012. These individuals are leading researchers from across Europe and from as far afield as the US, China and Australia, and high-profile public figures. The topics to be covered are at the cutting-edge of research and range from synthetic biology (Prof. Craig Venter) to space science (Jean-Jacques Dordain, DG, European Space Agency) to the Large Hadron Collider (Rolf-Dieter Heuer, DG CERN) to cosmology (Prof. Lisa Randall, Harvard). 13 July has been designated as Policy Day and Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, European Commissioner for Resarch, Innovation and Science will open the Day with a keynote address.

Visit the website : http://www.esof2012.org/ . Registration online is open and calls are being posted.

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