22.10.2015 - UNESCO Office in Doha

Education for Sustainable Development and Green School Initiative kicks off in Kuwait


During a two-days high level meeting entitled “Sub-Regional Consultation Meeting on Education for Sustainable Development: The Green School Initiative: An Approach to Education for Sustainable Development”, 6 Delegations of 20 Education Officials from 6 GCC with strong technical support from UNESCO Doha Office, Al-Saad Foundation and Kuwait National Commission for UNESCO have shared views, ideas, made thematic presentations, conceptualization of ESD different issues, discussed challenges, debated issues and policy options, and showed strong commitment toward stronger ESD education realities.

The meeting was enhanced by the contribution of credible ESD experts who shared the philosophical reference of GAP-ESD, the Targets of the ESD Global Action Programme, good practices from around the world, lessons learned and ways to go forward.  The overall plenary was enriched by around 60 strong participation of school teachers, public and private and NGOs as well as from higher education institutions.

The consultation meeting was jointly of organized by UNESCO Doha Office, Al-Saad Foundation, and Kuwait National Commission for UNESCO.  This partnership has brought in public, private and civil societies’ stakeholders all together to address one big goal that is the Role of Education in Sustainability. 

With this major undertaking, the Consultation Meeting was officially launched by the Minister of Education and the Minister of Higher Education, H.E. Dr. Bader Hamad AL-Issa joined by the Director of UNESCO Doha Office, Dr. Anna Paolini, the Chairman of Al-Saad Foundation for Knowledge and Scientific Research HH Shiekha Fadyah Al-Sabah and the Secretary General of Kuwait National Commission to UNESCO Dr. Ahmed Al-Anzi.

The main purpose of the Meeting was to reach consensus over the productive recommendations for effective implementation for the Green School Initiative in schools of the GCC countries under the umbrella of the GAP-ESD.

Herein, the Consultation Meeting included:

1) Presentation by ESD Experts from UNESCO Beirut and Jakarta offices and from Oman,

2) Presentations by the Participants,

3) Working Group Discussions and Presentation by the participants as reflections on the Way Forward, and 4) Field visit to Three Public Schools in Kuwait City where different ESD activities that are being adopted by these schools. 

The Delegates have very much enjoyed a visit to Kuwait Science Centre which was organized by Kuwait NatCom for UNESCO.

For further information, please contact Dr. Anwar Alsaid at UNESCO Doha Office a.alsaid(at)unesco.org

The photos of the meeting can be accessed on this link.

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