29.11.2013 - AMARC

Eleventh World Assembly of Community Radio Broadcasters, World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC)

1 to 5 December 2013 in Accra, Ghana

The Ghana Community radio Network (GCRN) will host the second Global conference of community broadcasters to be held in Africa, where community radios were born in the 80s and have made an important contribution to development objectives and good governance.

will deepen the international solidarity needed to break the regulatory and other impediments that prevent Community Radio in Africa from thriving in Africa.  It will also showcase the international experience, including that of the host country Ghana, that demonstrates irrefutably why Community Radio is the resource par excellence of  the least voiced to enjoy their birthright to communicate and be counted as necessary partners for equitable and sustainable global development.

More than 500 community broadcasters and stakeholders from over 110 countries and all regions of the global community radio movement will gather at the AMARC 11 Global Conference to, among other issues, improve good practices in community media; explore strategies to facilitate the establishment of enabling legal environments for community media development, to define knowledge sharing and capacity building models for action-research and mentoring; to reinforce content development leading to social change; to facilitate the inclusion of women and; to encourage the empowerment of communities through appropriation of community radio for social justice and sustainable, democratic and participatory human development.

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