06.12.2012 - UNESCO Office in Dakar

Fifth Policy Dialogue Forum of the International Task Force on Teachers for Education for All

The Fifth Policy Dialogue Forum of the International Task Force on Teachers for Education for All ended in the Namibian capital Windhoek on Thursday 29 November, 2012.

The meeting was followed by a technical meeting of the Task Force to review and discuss a roadmap for teacher development in Africa on Friday 30 November, 2012 in the same venue.

The two-day Forum whose participants were drawn from 46 countries globally, with many coming from Sub-Saharan Africa discussed in seven plenary and group sessions topics covering teacher education and professional development, teachers’ status and working conditions, inclusion in teacher policies and practices, teachers and teaching for sustainable development, and monitoring and evaluation of teacher policies and practices.

Several recommendations emerged from the sessions, with several bordering on the need to rethink teacher education and professional development.

In particular, UNESCO advocated for a paradigm shift through going beyond broad frameworks that define competencies in knowledge, skills, attitudes and attributes. The Forum called for further work in three categories of competency standards: Occupational standards, Qualification standards and Professional standards.

Need of National Qualifications Frameworks

Participants also called for the need to establish a comprehensive basis for National Qualifications Frameworks to guide teacher training, evaluate experiential acquisitions for validation, and certifications that would result in ensuring a positive impact on career development for the teaching profession.

They emphasized the need to set up at least two regulatory bodies:


  1. by peer professionals for professional development requirements and professional standards setting for licensing purposes;
  2. by teacher formations and Government for quality teaching and learning oversight for quality assurance purposes.


Participants also called on countries to make specific and measurable commitments to increase or improve financing. Countries were also requested to review their policies relating to the professional teachers in the shortest possible time and not later than the end of 2013.

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