17.03.2014 - Peace and Sport

First International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, Peace and Sport

6 April 2014, worldwide

On 6 April 2014, the first International Day of Sport for Development and Peace will take place worldwide. Launched in August 2013 by the United Nations at the initiative of the International Olympic Committee, this day pays tribute to the role of sport in education, health, socio-economic development and in erasing cultural barriers.

In order to promote, encourage and bring together all the initiatives being led to celebrate this event, Peace and Sport has created a dedicated website: www.april6.org.

Serving as an interactive platform linked to social networks, this new website allows you to:

-Create and register your proposed projects for April6;

- Use the Suggestion Box for tips and ideas on activities to carry out;

- Join or lend your support to an event near you.

By bringing together all the events and activities taking place on this day, www.april6.org hopes to highlight all the work being done across the world by actors for peace and development.

We invite you all to play your part in this global movement so that together, we can demonstrate the impact of the work being carried out every day on the ground.

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