21.02.2012 -

Action Plan for the Uganda National Cultural Policy. 12-16 December 2011

For a Cultural Policy to be effective, it must be operationalized. Uganda’s National Cultural policy was launched in 2007, and it was only in December, 2011 that through UNESCO’s support, a stakeholders planning workshop was organized in Entebbe, which examined the Cultural Policy and elaborated a National Action Plan for its implementation. 20 participants representing government and civil society participated in the workshop.
The workshop enabled participants to critically examine their cultural policy focusing on:


  • the cultural policy as a basis for highlighting the role of culture in socio-economic development;
  • the cultural policy’s link to the national development plan, policies and strategies ;
  • legislation that governs the implementation of the policy;areas and themes of the cultural policy;
  • Government sectors responsible for the implementation of the cultural policy.

Through this process, the participants were able to come up with a medium term action plan that has identified priorities, specific activities, strategies for implementation and timelines, key resources needed, roles and responsibilities of stakeholders as well as a framework for harmonization and coordination.

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