18.02.2013 -

Germany: International Postgraduate Studies of Environmental Management (CIPSEM)

An annual training programme for professionals from public administration is being offered at CIPSEM, Dresden Technical University in Germany. Each year short-term (two-to-four weeks) and six-month courses are held on Environmental Management for 80 postgraduate experts from developing and emerging countries. CIPSEM is sponsored both by UNESCO and UNEP and funded by the German Ministry for the Environment.

Participants in CIPSEM should have at least a Bachelor degree and two to three years of professional experience. Up to 21 scholarships are available annually. CIPSEM courses are all conducted in English. Deadline to apply is 1 June 2013 for courses between September 2013 and July 2014. The next topics of the short courses are: nature protection and biodiversity conservation, the soil-water nexus, and the green economy.

For more information on this programme of study, please consult: www.tu-dresden.de/cipsem

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